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A glance at the way we communicate our ideas


members will receive handouts with songs to play and get a heads up on what we have in store for our next session!

Here's a sneak peak at one of the songs featured in our first FREE Taster Workshop :)

Set course to...


The 1st fret

Of the 1st string

with the 1st finger!


That’s where you’ll find C7!

Find and get the feel for the lightest amount of pressure to add with fretting finger to sound the "Bb" (B flat note), start with a feather touch and gradually add fine amounts of pressure till the note rings clear!

Experiment with plucking individual strings, strumming all 4 and everything in between!


Song : Sea Seven

Chords :  C7 

Description : Parody “Coconut” by Harry Nilsson, A free and easy jamming tune for every skill level

Tempo: Moderate pace 120 bpm

Rhythm: Basic back beat (1 and 2 and 3 and 4)

Dynamic: Expressive and well... Dynamic! (Be delicate but also bring the noise when it feels right to!)

Sea Seven

They’re Lined up in a row right here, they’re called 1, 2 & 3

And 4’s a little neighbour, their happy as can be

They like to go to outer space, make music and explore

You got the fire and got the time, Then strum the strings all 4

I said Doctor!

Is there nothing I can do?

I said Doctorr!

To sail Sea Seven true?

They plot the stars and they follow charts, the Strumming hand commands

And there’s others too that live with thumb, On your strongest hand

They Bring the uke to life chuck strum, and Song our voices s-oar

You have your own you know them well, You’ve played with things before!


I said Dr!

Is there nothing I can do?

I said Dr!

To sail Sea Seven true?


I said Dr!

Call em up, Wake em up!

I said Dr!


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